How to Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis


How to Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis
Diagnosis at an early stage is difficult to enforce, because new cancer cause symptoms after reaching advanced stage and the symptoms also resemble some other disease.
Kanker Ovarium
On physical examination, abdominal circumference increases or found ascites (accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity). On pelvic examination, a mass was found ovarian or abdominal mass.

Several checks are usually done to detect the presence of ovarian cancer are:
1. Complete blood examination,
2. Examination of blood chemistry,
3. Examination of CA125,
4. Examination of serum HCG,
5. Examination of alpha fetoprotein,
6. The analysis of the urine,
7. examination of the gastrointestinal tract
8. do paratomi
9. ultrasound, and
10. CT-scan or MRI of the abdomen.

that is the way to diagnose the deadly disease of ovarian cancer in women. Hope Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis is useful.

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