Using Arabic Kohl Eye Health


Having a healthy eye would be the dream of all people, because the eye is one of the very vital senses, with healthy eyes, certainly we will easily see objects that exist around us, with healthy eyes we can read to seek knowledge with vigorously, with healthy eyes anyway we can enjoy the beauty of nature, so that it can always be grateful for the favors of Allah who has created beautiful nature, and create a wide variety of beautiful-beautiful creatures, and pleasing to the eye. Again, you must have healthy eyes to enjoy kesehatan mata

Tips maintain healthy eyes this time, is I will share my personal experience in maintaining the health of my eyes, since my little eye health tips often using Arabic kohl, at that time the people around me just say, wear kohl sunna of the Prophet, and can nourish the eyes I just believe, and believe it, medically I also do not know the content of which is in Arabic kohl this at that time, as a result of the small (SD), Junior High, High School, Lecture, office work even now still often use this Arabic kohl.

Arabic kohl what I mean here is shadow stone stone itsmid namely black kohl. The type of stone is best mascara comes from Asfahan. Itsmid stone which, according to the best Arabic is fragile, glittering fragments, the inside is smooth, and not dirty. Arabic kohl (made of stone itsmid has a cold-dry character.

Wearing mascara arab have many benefits, namely such as:

  • Maintain eye health and vision and amplify the light can also clear up eye Very useful for the eyes as it can strengthen the eye, nerve-tightening nerves, and maintaining health.
  • Soften rotten material present in the eye and forced him to get out, in addition, it is also a decoration for certain types of kohl
  • Can eliminate meat grown in ulcers, heal, cleanse the dross and remove it.
  • Can eliminate the headache if mixed with liquid honey smooth and used to kohl.
  • Mixed with a bit of musk, to treat older people and people who have a weakness in his vision.
  • Finely ground and mixed with a weak fresh, for treating burns rub manner, so as not to arise khasykarisyah and can help overcome the resulting spots.

Arabic Kohl Eye Health

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